Friendly? United Stated vs Mexico tonight! You’ve been warned…


Today is the big day for the not so friendly friendly between Untied States and Mexico’s football teams. (To my US friends, I mean soccer) At 5:00 pm PST, the two rival teams will go head to head to determine who is more friendly than the other.

Most people in California, (and the United Stated for that matter) have viewed soccer as a less than exciting sport. That being said, the rest of the world rejoices when their teams play. During the FIFA World Cup, wars cease fire, diplomats from rival nations party in stadiums together, racism is replaced by team colors and flags, and there is a sense of unity throughout the world.

Whether you care for soccer or not, today is the day we should all celebrate. This is an occurrence we rarely see. Due to the game and their amazing, wonderful fans, a few things will happen to make everyone rejoice. Soccer fans will unite and support their teams across the nation. The most densely affected region will be Southern California as both USA and Mexico fans will be watching.  These fans will join together in their homes and family’s home grilling meats from both countries.  (example: US – Hot dogs and hamburgers MEXICO – Carne asada and… more carne asada)

Due to to the immense gathering and parties that will ensue, the following can be expected. The roads will be clear with little to no traffic. It’s the opposite of a sigalert. It will be the best day to go for a drive with no where to go to. Sure, you can go to your favorite restaurant to dine out, but let me ask you something.  Who will be there to valet your car? Who will be there to take your order, cook your food, or wash your dishes? Speaking of which, don’t plan to get your car washed today or tomorrow for that matter.  For the people you depend on will most, likely have a hangover if they even show up tomorrow.  Let’s just say if you’re not a soccer fan, I would advice you to have a Netflix night in, and make your own food because the little guys don’t care about delivering your food tonight either. Or, you could do the all american way and get on the soccer band wagon for the night.

Back to the awesomeness of tonight. There will be one of two outcomes to look forward to after the big friendly!

One: the United States will triumph and beat Mexico’s team and their fans will congratulate one another and cheers to a beer or two, and maybe even shoot a shot of Patron to celebrate.

Two: Mexico will conquer the US and if this happens, you better hope you’re off of the once clear roads. Tonight will turn into a fourth of July celebration with fireworks shooting into the air with gusto. People with Mexican flags (bigger than the ones at the post office) will be out in the street waving them in front of oncoming traffic. You will hear the shouts of congratulations (in Spanish no doubt) for miles and miles on end. US fans will bring over a six pack and get in on the party too, if they can handle the friendly shit talking they will no doubt receive.

With that, I wish both teams the best of luck tonight with their friendly in Texas. I must get going, as I want to gas up drive no where with no traffic whilst I can. The game will be on soon and I can’t wait to see what happens.

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