The Miracle of the Dyson

There are days that make you question the future. Days that make you wish there was a magical cure that could wash away the yuck out there in the world. In this day and age there is so much to fear, so much to worry about. Wars are breaking out and/or getting worse, disease is plaguing our world, resources are running low, there is drought and famine everywhere you look, and who knows how bad the ozone will be in the years to come.

On the days when the horrors are on the horizon, I need a way to cleanse my mind and free myself from the troubles of the world. I wanted to share with you all that I have found one thing that eases my tired mind on days like those. This is the one thing I can count on to calm my running thoughts and it puts everything into perspective. I will share with you, the one thing that makes everything right in my home.

Believe it or not, it is my Dyson vacuum. My Dyson vacuum is the one thing that will work no matter what. The suction power is undeniable, and miraculously works on all surfaces. Hardwood, tile or carpeted flooring, the Dyson is the one reliable thing left on the world. In fact, it is so amazing, I no longer need my broom or dustpan. After one pass of the Dyson, I can walk on any flooring in my house without a worry in the world. The white sock test proves that without a doubt your floors cannot be cleaner than after the use of the Dyson. The performance and reliability of this cleaning machine is so dependable, it amazes every time. One would think the suction power would diminish over time, but no.

Putting my trust and faith into my Dyson eases my suffering and gives me the strength to believe the rest of the worlds problems can be solved.  If Dyson engineering can create such a miraculous device that can be used with such little effort to perform such unbelievable tasks, then there is hope for the rest of the world. The Dyson performance gives my family the confidence we need to know the world will be just fine. And when anyone asks how I feel about the newest nations at war or disease outbreak, my response is simple. “‘If Dyson engineers can create that kind of Vacuum for regular home use without a decrease on suction power, NATO can find a way to calm the rising tension between feuding nations and the CDC can find a cure for Ebola.’


Cheers to you Dyson.

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