Tuesday Day Shift

Working a day shift today. After the weekend I had, I assumed my week would start over fresh and people would be nicer. Boy was I wrong. Word of the day is NO. I don’t really get it. I’m all smiles and polite to people, but the minute I say hi to someone is the moment they put their grumpy face on and tell me no. Then they choose to walk away, laughing about how we all should get real jobs and go to college (I have a BA in history and make 100k+ thanks very much) I wasn’t aware no is a proper response to hello. People: being rude to someone who says hello to you and laughing  to about it doesn’t make you cool. I know you all think you are clever or funny or better yet ORIGINAL but you’re not!  Too many have done it before you and you just categorized yourself as a d bag. You fall into the 4th grade bully box that they make commercials about. They need to take that kid in the commercial and flash forward twenty years to show the asshole you’ve become. You probably think you have the perfect life with the perfect spouse and the perfect children and get your rocks off being rude to the people who work the events you spend too much money to attend. But here is the reality: your kids are spoiled brats with entitlement issues and your parenting (or lack thereof) is to blame. Your spouse was here yesterday with their side chick/dude laughing about how they’re married just not to each other. Ha freaking ha.  The same people you laugh at and shit on for giggles could expose how crappy your life is and explain to you how you’ve been hidden from the pain of your reality. But instead, we (the little people) are the generous ones who give you the kindness after you’ve shown none. We keep our mouths shut and allow to you believe in your illusion of happiness. You could however, be kind in return and give the little people the time of day since we choose not to ruin yours every day you show up.

One thought on “Tuesday Day Shift

  1. willie rios

    I agree 100% with you. We say hello they say not interested, interested in what I think to myself I haven’t showed you anything.


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