Circus Vargas Tonight

Talk about some clowns! Just kidding. This happened to be the first circus I had ever been to. (At least that I can remember.) I was expecting clowns to jump out from every corner and for some odd reason, I was really looking forward to an elephant being present. Apparently, this was the wrong circus for all that stuff. Instead, we were treated to crazy awesome metal contraptions that held people’s lives at risk and I’ll tell ya, it was like watching in anticipation of the miraculous finish of a stunt or waiting for someone to eat it.  It was awesome!

This wave of Circus Vargas was in Santa Ana this evening and most of the crowd seemed pretty excited to get inside to see the show. It was definitely a family crowd with some families driving all the way in from as far as Oxnard to attend. There of course, were the regular amount of the crazy ten percenters running around creating havoc in their paths. You know, those people who show up angry and start cursing people out for God knows why? Yes. Those people were there too, but many fewer than normal so I was quite impressed!

Back to the event itself… The best part of the show, in my humble opinion of course, were the motorcycle dare devils who had what looked to be a supped up metal hamster ball! There were two riders and they rode their motorcycles inside the huge hamster ball! Now get this…I couldn’t believe it but a woman got in and danced around whilst these two riders drove all over the cage ball thing. As if it couldn’t get better, the woman exited the ball, and then they turned off the lights with the riders still inside, engines roaring. Led lights attached all over the bikes were the only lights in the circus tent and the riders again went nuts riding their bikes in the pitch black. Mind…blown.

There were loads over other great acts but I don’t want to ruin the fun surprises for anyone who’s going to attend. I had an amazing time and would highly recommend to all families to attend. And who couldn’t use a good date night at the Circus Vargas? This event isn’t just for kids! Get out there and watch an awesome show.

Circus Vargas will be in Santa Ana through the weekend and then in Irvine starting next Thursday. If you plan on taking kids, search online for kids coupons as I saw many families with them today. I hope you all get to enjoy as much as I did!


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