Star Wars Day at Angels Stadium

Tonight was a night of all nights. Star Wars day at Angels stadium. The Star Wars celebration that concluded at the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend carrier over to the baseball stadium for tonight’s game.

Prior to the stadium opening, fans were welcomed by Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers. Everywhere you looked you found an Imperial Army drone or soldier. (I half way expected the stadium itself to turn into a modified Death Star.) Although the fans were excited to see the force was strong at the stadium, it seemed to be only the dark side and may have contributed to the Angels loss against the Oakland A’s. Any proper Star Wars fan know the Imperial Army promotes the dark side and with Darth Vader walking around the stadium one has to wonder; where were the good guys?

Although there were hundreds of Princess Leia’s walking around, I saw no Hans Solo. The obvious absence of Hans made me wonder if they were maybe taking some time apart? Maybe they were working through some relationship issues. Maybe he called her princess one too many times. I don’t know but I saw a lot of Leia’s walking with dudes with ‘Trout’ jerseys on. (I know he can hit a ball ladies, but Hans has the Millennium Falcon. Let’s be real here.) And where the hell was Luke? I didn’t see him all night. R2D2 was rolling around the bases for a bit but you know he started out with Anakin (aka Darth Vader). You have to wonder; if he ditched Leia to hang out with Darth Vader all night, how can you trust him to help the Angels out with a win?

My theory is simple. If the fans would have represented the light side of the force with the whole good guys team out there, (Leia, Hans, Luke, Lando, Chewbacca) maybe the Angels would have had a chance tonight. I blame the fans with their obsession with Leia and her hairstyle, plus their lack of full Star Wars character representation for the break down in the light side of the force tonight and ultimately a loss at home for the Angels.

Although the power of the Dark Side seems stronger, good and light will always prevail if there are those who believe in it. My advice to the Angels fans who go to the next star wars night is to represent the light side! I know Darth Vader’s costume is cool but Hans Solo got the princess in the end. Get with the light side of the force people!!

May the force be with you always.

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