The grass isn’t greener over there!


In my line of work, people have created a bad habit of what I like to call ‘comparing lawns’. People have become so obsessed with the idea of how green the grass is on the other side of the fence, they completely forget about what they have right in front of them.

The age old saying is true, the grass will always seem greener wherever you go. But nowadays, people in my line of work forget they even have a lawn of their own! I can’t begin to rant about how many people complain about where they’re working and how it compares to some other place they could be working only to complain about the place they wanted to work when the finally work it and still beg to work somewhere else. Confusing enough for you? Yeah. That’s how ridiculous it is every day of my life at work.

I work in a type of sales environment with a multitude of sales people. For those of you who don’t know; sales people are delicate little flowers with fragile psyches, huge egos, and endless complaints. (Not as a rule, but if you know many sales people you know I’m pretty dead on so don’t start getting offended.) There is never enough to sell, or enough buyers, or a good enough market. Even when a salesperson is surrounded by 15,000 people they still find a way to make excuses (did I forget to mention salespeople love to make excuses?) about how they wish they were somewhere else around a different ‘type’ of people who were more receptive to what they’re selling or a different location where people haven’t seen them before or whatever. Christ.

Seeing as how I have already explained that this is pretty much the standard work day for me, I could see how one could wonder why today would be so different for me or why it was so bothersome. Here is why:

Today was the day I started work in a brand new location, with a brand new set up, at a totally different venue, with brand new staff. The only thing that seemed to be the same or not new was the b.s. attitude that came with the people I work with. These people had never even heard of the type of venue they were working so they had to Google it. As every sales job, the shift started with a positive message about how we were going to be successful, and have fun, and make money, and yada, yada, marketing, shmarketing. Today pissed me off especially when one dude I’d never even met before, brand new to the job, hijacked the uppedy meeting and started going on about how awful he thought the event would be! Seriously guy? Who the eff are you and what angry cave did you crawl out of?

I had no choice but to ignore this grumpy (crazy ten percenter) and move on with my day and think happy thoughts.  *Think Dory from Finding Nemo. Replace ‘just keep swimming’ with ‘just keep smiling, just keep selling, smiling, selling, smiling, selling’.*


As every day before today, I attempted to be my positive self and work on everyone on the happy train. I was loads of happy and tried desperately to make everyone see the great opportunities that surrounded them throughout the night. That went on about half way though the shift until I realized I looked like the idiot dragging a horse to water expecting it to drink just because I put it there.

horse to water

After trying for hours to help my fellow delicate flowers to bloom, I realized I too work for commission and these Debby Downers were getting in my way. I then set off in my new inspirational course of leading by example. I decided to prove how successful this day was going to be through my own success!

Unfortunately, that didn’t work either. *Note: anyone who is starting to think the Negative Nancy’s brought me down… you’re wrong.* I did my job well as I always do and made money (preforming the same no matter where I’m working) but no one seemed to care or see the point I was trying to make. They were so busy thinking about where they could be, or wanted to be instead of realizing where they were, that they failed to see the opportunity right in front of them. For me, it was very sad to watch these awesome people fail at something as simple as seeing what was right in front of them.

Here’s what I’ve realized. You have choices you are going to make in this life. Some of these choices will be big and obvious that practically come with a neon, flashing sign that calls for action. Other choices you have to make aren’t so obvious, but come more often. You can choose to change your mind at any second. There is always a choice to be made on whether you are going to be successful or unsuccessful. Better yet, happy or sad. The best part about this decision or choice is that you get an opportunity to make it as often as you like. Personally? I choose happy. It’s a lot easier to enjoy the grass on my side of the fence and make the best with what I have.

Plus, you don’t want to be one of those a holes who are always trying to get on the other side of the fence to check out some other lawn. It’s just a bad look.


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