Oh Orion…

orion stars

I’m almost always up late at night. Most days, I get home pretty late and with the type of work I’m in, it takes me a while to unwind and get sleepy after a long day at the “office”. You find the strangest shows on in the middle of the night. If you’re not looking to watch infomercials before you hit the hay, your choices are quite limited unless you’ve previously set up your DVR and you are ready to hit the play button on the remote. If you don’t have that fail safe you will end up watching some out of this world type of programming at night. Because of my almost nocturnal lifestyle, late night television is a regular occurrence in my home and has lead to some pretty interesting programming choices I wouldn’t have normally taken the time to check out. After one too many sleepless nights with late night television keeping me company, I began to find myself going out of my way to record shows that involve the idea of extra terrestrials. Of these shows, there seemed to be a lot of intermingling information that circled around the star constellation of Orion.

Months went by, and I started noticing more and more of a trend. I began to do a little research outside of television on the myths and legends surrounding Orion. I couldn’t figure out why out of all of the stars and all the constellations, this one in particular was so special. Why not Leo or Ursa Major? Looking up to the heavens at night, the big dipper (Ursa Major) seems way more awesome than Orion to me. Now I know you know the big dipper is the only constellation you can point out without using an app on your phone. Admit it. I’m totally right. Now that you can see this ancient obsession with Orion is odd, you can understand why I started researching this so much.

so many stars

Orion became more than a cute curiosity. I became obsessed with finding out as much information as possible about Orion and the historical references to it. Nothing has seemed to quench my thirst for information. The more I find the more I want to know and there seems to be more than enough to occupy a lifetime in this quest for knowledge on this fancy little arrangement of stars that now dance in my dreams.

I’ve put together a pretty massive collection of the data I’ve found thus far and you wouldn’t believe what I have already. What surprised me most wasn’t the amount of legends surrounding the constellation. No. That was interesting of course as there were countless. What was surprising was how many of these countless legends were essentially the same legend. We’re talking Egyptians, Mayans, Hopi, (endless Native American tribes not just the Hopi,) Sumerians, Peruvians, all these (primarily ancient) civilizations spread throughout the planet all singing the same song with historical and scientific evidence showing a link between their beliefs to Orion and that infamous belt. I know what you’re thinking. I’m either making this up or…

mind blown history channel

Right? My mind was pretty blown too. But there’s more. So much more. I’ve began putting together a book to share some pretty shocking evidence that has presented itself to me. WAY bigger than the Orion coincidences. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Our ancestors kept accurate records and so many brilliant historians, anthropologists and scientists have found and shared the past with the present. Nonetheless somewhere along the line, history became myth and legend instead of fact. I hope to change that by sharing what I’ve found.

Stay tuned for more. I promise it’s coming.


3 thoughts on “Oh Orion…

  1. dimvisionary

    Enjoyable and intriguing post! By the way, some wildly fascinating information related to Orion can be found on Danny Wilten’s youtube channel. I am not associated with Danny and certainly do not claim that his conclusions are correct, but it’s worth a peek. Cheers!


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