What’s love got to do with it?

i love you

‘I love you’ has changed so much through the ages. I love you in medieval times meant risking death if you loved someone other than your betrothed. God forbid you fall in love with someone whom you weren’t arranged right? But people followed their hearts and risked everything when they said ‘I love you’.

st valentine

This followed on through the Age of Enlightenment. You had heroes of love like St. Valentine helping star crossed lovers exchange their vows in secret, still risking their lives for one another to proclaim their undying love at the altar. The words ‘I love you’ have held such weight with them throughout the ages. It surprises me now that in recent years it seems the words mean less and less. It as though they have almost lost their meaning even though we’ve gone through so much to prove their importance. People work less and less to keep love alive.

Maybe it is due to the fact that we’ve made the words themselves carry less meaning now. People now say ‘I love you’ as easily as they say ‘I hate you’. Is it that fewer people take the time to understand what love is? Maybe love has been given too freely and no one has to work to earn it. Or has the physical display of love replaced the emotional meaning behind it? Has sex replaced love? Let’s back up for a minute so I can explain where I’m coming from here.

favorite toy

Let’s take a logical approach to this for a moment.  Logically, things that are given too freely are taken for granted. This is something we all know. Let’s go back to the first grade versions of ourselves and how we treated things. When we had toys after toys given to us freely, they were almost devalued. I meant sure we liked them and played with them, but before we knew it they were tossed to the bottom of a pile as soon as we got a new toy. Conversely, the things we had to save allowance of our own for, we treated differently. When we had to work to earn our things, they were kept nicer, and at the very least, less often forgotten about.

under sheets

Now flash forward to the grown ups we’ve turned into… How many times I’ve heard and referenced the ever infamous three date rule! (Boy… that is a serious wait right? Wrong.) We all have this fake idea of getting to know one another until we allow ourselves to give in to the physical expression of love. We give too easily and are surprised when things don’t end in happily ever after. Weddings are as regular as divorces are, and much like the toys we took for granted as children, so are the people we once claimed to love.

People no longer fight for a special connection to hold on to with one another. We just flat out fight and throw in the towel. Unfortunately, we know that there will be someone else out there who will give themselves just as easily. But was there or is there a special connection we’re walking away from? Or was it just a physical lust instead of the love you claimed it to be. Ask yourself; how many times have you heard or said, ‘you could do better’ without actually knowing the person you are talking about? We just look to replace and upgrade our partners just like we do with our electronics. FYI… St. Valentine is pissed about how we’ve turned out and he’s rolling over in his grave.

I happen to be a hopeless romantic. I believe that even though the sky is filled with countless stars to wish upon, there is one star that is special for me. I want to hold on to it as long as I can. My wish, is that I’m the star I was wished upon too. I hope that my star sees how bright I shine for them, and let’s only my light brighten their sky instead of wishing upon another.

the stars above

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