Awe you look tired…


Don’t you just love that? Walking in to some place and when you see someone you know, they don’t say hello, or salutations of any type. No. Instead, they find if appropriate to tell you that you look tired; or better yet ask what’s wrong. Dude. Nothing is wrong. I’m not tired. This is just what my face looks like. Jesus, Mary and Joseph people. We don’t all look picture perfect every single day. (Although I thought I looked fine every time someone started in with the above mentioned remarks.)

In all reality, when you pull this number of ‘you look fill in the blank’, you’re really telling someone they look bad. You may as well walk up to someone and tell them, ‘hey, you should probably go home and start all over today because you look like sh*t’. See how that doesn’t seem polite in the slightest bit? Ya. Knock it off people.

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