But I’m so comfy…

are-you-happyToday was a day that reminded me how important open, honest communication is. It sounds simple enough but isn’t always easy to do especially in the workplace. When you work in a field that constantly demands results and expects a certain amount of smiles accompanied by marketing fluff, having difficult conversations can be intimidating to say the least. Some might say that being completely honest with another coworker or manager can make you feel vulnerable.


It is easier to hide behind the band-aids and fake smiles at times. But a very successful person once told me ‘if you stay in a comfort zone, you will never be forced to grow.’ They were right. I went very far outside of my comfort zone today with an individual I wasn’t very close to. I spoke truthfully and disarmed the wall I tend to keep up. It was close to impossible but I pushed through it. Like I mentioned before, this person I trusted with my honesty was not someone I knew well. The fear of my truthfulness being rejected was almost crippling, but I went ahead and learned something amazing.

leapI was heard. Today I took a leap of faith and landed on my feet. I walked away confident and rejuvenated. Added bonus: the person I took a leap of faith with learned more about me and I learned more about them. I learned that although having a guard up at times has it’s value, it wasn’t necessary today. That right there changed everything for me.

Risks aren’t easy to take. Honesty isn’t pretty sometimes. Trust is hard to earn and even harder to give. Growth is something you have to work for. I know days that I venture outside of my comfort zone won’t always turn out as well as today did, but giving myself an opportunity is what made it work. Push through to where you think you can’t go and you will end up there in the end.


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