Best friends forever

Was there ever a time that people could speak honestly with one another? I’d like to believe that today’s society has only evolved into what it is today. Has the ever been a time where people didn’t fake being nice and hate each other behind backs? I wonder.

How much more simple would life be if you could just say, ‘look, I don’t like you. I’d like to pretend to, but that would just take too much energy.’ This to be said, of course, only when you’ve exhausted all forgiveness and reasonable doubt in a person’s personality and you realize they are just a terrible human being. People would no doubtedly take less anxiety medication if they could be honest look like that right?

Maybe I’m being too much of an optimist here and I’ve again put too much faith in people. It would take an awful lot for the person being told they’re not liked to be okay with that and agree the feeling is mutual.

Just my thoughts for the day.

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