Where to start…

typingAs a writer, (albeit a novice,) I find that it is always the start of a story that is the hardest. This seems to be true in many aspects of life. To end a story is one thing. This is what happened, here’s the middle, and here is the end. Many can do this with ease. Others, find comfort in their never ending story. The chapters become so many that they turn into their own novels, bleeding into one another. I too see the comfort what has and what always will happen. But to end one story and start over from scratch… that takes more than strength. It takes hope.

Hope can mean something different to everyone. For me, it means to face your fears and not allow them to stop you. It means to embrace the growth you will encounter through change. It is the willingness to let go of the comfort you find in your habits; to fight the urge to control anything but the direction of your new story without looking to the last to affect the new.

blankpageNot knowing where to start may be the scariest part. You can look at the new story you’ve yet to start different ways. One way is to look at it as a black void in space free of anything but you with an entire universe to create. Or you can also look at it as a blank canvas and find strength in knowing you possess the pen and it will be drawn out one pen stroke at a time. I try to remember the later, knowing I control the design of what can be with the right amount of effort starting with the smallest (and biggest) thing. The first stroke.

In my humble opinion, all stories are meant to be enjoyed and revisited. Starting a new one doesn’t mean to throw the old book on the shelf and never crack the pages again. Reread your story. Enjoy it. Learn from it. That’s why you made it in the first place. It had purpose. That being said, never fear the hope that awaits you by starting a new story.

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