When you really wanted to be wrong…

Have you ever swore up and down you were right about something? Have you argued your suspicion to the point that you yourself think you might be crazy? Has that little voice in the back of your mind created a pit in your stomach you just can’t ignore? Have you backed down and trusted someone’s words instead of your intuition? Let’s face it. In the end when the above mentioned happens you don’t have a smoking gun to prove your theory. So now what happens? Well… what had happened wasss…


I know what happens. You let it go because you don’t have a better option. It is the only thing you can do to save your sanity. But what do you do when the inevitable happens? You know what I’m referring to. The truth. It has a tendency of coming out in the end. Actually… Forget tendencies. The truth always comes out. Always. ( Side note: This is one of the rare occurrences where you can properly use the word ‘always’.)


What do you do when the load of lies you were forced to believe turns out to be just that? How can you move on? The pit in your stomach comes back with a vengeance and your mind runs through a crazy maze of endless possibilities. Your thoughts are consumed with thousands of scenarios playing out that you would have never considered before. All this because of one lie that was uncovered. What does one do?

funny-pictures-truth-quotes-ugly-truthMany times, the truth seems to be an impossible thing to admit. It is uncomfortable to share when the truth isn’t pretty and doesn’t fit into the box you want it to. But how ugly is the lie? Is it worth the destruction it will inevitably cause?

If you are reading this I’m sure you’ve felt this way in your life. You’ve been on at least one side of this situation. I try to be the uncomfortable truth sharer in my life. It hasn’t made me the most popular person in the world that’s for sure. That being said, I know my ugly truths have made my life much more beautiful. There’s no worry of an implosion of lies to hurt the people I claim care about.

832a42573c6d919f1913954eed8ce35cAsk yourself which type of person you want to be. Ask yourself if the pain you’ll cause someone is worth it the next time you lie to them. Ask yourself why this ‘loved one’ is someone you feel like you need to lie to.

Ask yourself if its worth it. I will tell you from the other side… it is never worth what it will cost you.

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