How to be a salesperson and a woman at the same time

I consider myself a successful salesperson or saleswoman as it turns out. I have something I am supposed to sell, and I sell the hell out of it. Through my career, I’ve found the following rules that should be applied to one’s life to help in finding success in the sales industry as a female.

mansworld#1 – Accept that you are a female and this has been and probably always will be a man’s world. Once you realize that there is nothing you can do to be one of the boys, you will be happier. You will always be seen as the girl in the crew and that is okay. They will most likely see you as inferior, in almost every way, and they will give you half the credit for twice the work. Take it from me… it’s true. Now deal with it.

How-to-Wear-a-Red-Skirt-9#2 – Once you’ve accepted the fact that the world is a gender biased place as mentioned in rule #1, be even more of a ‘girl’ than before. Wear flattering clothes, make up and own it. Don’t shy from dresses or skirts… wear them with pride. Remember; everyone knows you are a female so you may as well ditch the pant suit and look professionally sexy whenever possible. I’m not referring to slutty business attire here ladies. I’m talking about the type of outfit that shows you are a female and you can smart as well as hot in a long pencil skirt or fitted dress. Keep the boobies under wraps too. They know you have them, so there’s no sense in advertising them. You’ll just make yourself look like the office whore if you go that route.

office-romance_2918343b#3 – Speaking of the office whore…Resist the urge for any office romance. I don’t care how hot he is, or how sweet he is. This will not end well for you. Ever. Even if all the stars line up and you end up with a happily ever after and ride off into the sunset with the dude from work, no one will see it that way. The guys will forever talk about how the dude got to ‘hit that’ when talking to the guy and they will all see you as the dumb girl who fell for that guy’s game. I’m not saying it is fair, because it isn’t. I’m just letting you know, you will forever be seen as that promiscuous girl who slept with that one guy no matter how your romance turns out.

email#4 – Understand that men think they have to ‘teach’ you everything. Lord. You’ve gotta love this one. Especially when they are really pretentious about it. They really think we don’t know how to do anything. Some days I wonder if they’re surprised I got myself dressed all on my own without some man in the background zipping up my dress! Unfortunately I think this stems from the idea that men should open doors for us. (I’m giving men the benefit of the doubt here.) They have to think we are incapable of doing things without their help. Sometimes I wish I could do a public service announcement about this so all men could understand. It would go something like this:

psa“Attention all men: chivalry is not dead. The act of pulling out chairs and opening doors for a woman is something a gentleman does for a woman and is generally well received by the female population. That being said, please do not assume we are helpless creatures that cannot order our own meals or tie our own shoes. Please use caution when walking the line. Sincerely, women everywhere.”

keep-going-and-work-harder#5 – Notice all the above mentioned items then accept it isn’t fair and do something about it. You don’t have to play fair. You have to play the game but twice as well. However hard someone around you is working… work twice as hard. However nice someone is… be nicer.  Don’t think this will get you twice the credit. It won’t. However if you do this long enough, not only will it become normal to you, but it will be the longevity that shows you can do anything a man can do.

Listen to my advice. I know it can be done, but it will not be easy. Women weren’t built to do easy things. We were made to be intuitive, compassionate, nurturing and protective all at the simultaneously. We were made to do the impossible. Women were made to make people. Not babies… no. That kind of takes away from how big a deal it is. A woman has the power to make an entire person enter the world. Think about how strong a woman truly is before you discredit yourself or any woman in the world. Take me at my word and kick all kinds of ass in sales or whatever you find yourself doing.


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