Three types of people in sales…

Working with people has made me realize that there are definitely only three types of people in this world that you will ever encounter in your sales career. Two out of the three types you can actually sell. I would love to claim all credit for the realization of this, but it was not my original idea. Fortunately it was taught in a way that I make a practical application of this theory almost daily and I feel I’ve been able to help others with this knowledge. So here it is for you to enjoy and use as well. I hope it helps to make you more successful in your life as well.

Type #1: The crazy ten percenters.


Although sales is all ra ra and can do attitude, we must first admit that there are some things that just cannot be done if we truly want to be successful. There are people out there who are just flat out mean and wake up with an attitude of wanting to make everyone as miserable as they are. I’ve found that about 10% of the people you will meet are like this. Hence, the term ‘crazy ten percenters’. Leave those guys alone and don’t let them affect your day. Move on to the other two types and make some money.



It is pretty easy to figure out what type of people these guys are. These are the people who just come up to a sales person and ask questions like, ‘ so what are you guys doing over here?’ Or, ‘I’d like to buy fill in the blank‘. Yeah. Those guys are super easy to peg when you’re working in sales. They are so obvious that a lot of times you can blow a sale because you think it is a sure thing. Be sure to appreciate these people give them just as much attention as you would someone you had to work harder for.

Type #3: NICE


These people, the nice people, will be your bread and butter if you realize the potential in them. Nice people, are the people who will engage in a conversation with you even if they are not interested in what you are selling. The trick to these people is to be nice back to them and have a conversation. (What a concept.) This conversation does not need to be geared towards what you are selling. In fact, the less you talk about what you’re selling, and the more you have a regular conversation, the more inclined you will actually be to close this sale. I know it sounds crazy. It sounded crazy when I first heard this too. That being said, if you apply this, and ask your nice person questions, (questions that may lead to uncovering a need for your product or services,) you may find they actually have a need for what you are selling instead of selling them on what you have. Don’t be surprised if they end up asking if they can buy rather than the other way around.

And there it is guys. It is overly simple. Three types of people. Two types you can close. I bet you never thought of it that way. If you have already figured this out through your sales career, then hats off to ya. Those of you who’ve never heard of this, give it a try and see what happens. My bet is you will be impressed with your findings.


Happy selling!

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