Where’s the happily ever after?

Children watching TV

As children we all read or watch some type of fairy tale. Boys and girls alike grow up understanding there is a beginning, where things just kind of start out of no where; a middle where the hero and/or heroine overcome some type of obstacle; then an end where they end up with their happy ending. It is no wonder that as adults, we are all pursuing our very own happily ever afters. Let’s look at some examples to prove my point.

cinderella3In 1950, Cinderella was introduced as a film and audiences everywhere fell in love. A happy little daddy’s girl gets dealt a bad hand where her father dies after a quicky marriage to some horrible woman and is left with an angry stepmother and two bitchy step sisters. She works her ass off all day, every day to keep these three b’s happy. One day, by some miracle, she gets a fairy Godmother who shows up and helps a sister out. She gets all dolled up and goes to the ball and catches the eye of the prince. They dance all night and have a blast, but she’s got to leave before midnight. (God forbid he finds out what type of person she really is right?) *This is all the middle here* Then after she goes back to being boring old, plain Jane, Cinderella her sisters and stepmother treat her even worse until Prince Charming finds her. They ride off into the sunset away from her troubles and get their happily ever after.

aladdinNow I haven’t forgotten you men out there. This isn’t just a chick things as I am sure you’re thinking by now. Time machine warp to 1992. Let’s talk about my man Aladdin. Personally, I have a soft spot for Aladdin. Look at the guy. Yeah, I know he is rough around the edges, but that is one good looking man! But on a more serious and less partial note; Aladdin gets a happily ever after too. This movie has a princess in it of course but it is all about the guy who was dealt a rough set of cards much like our heroine Cinderella. He lives on the streets and makes do any way he can with an awesome BFF who happens to be a monkey. After he gets almost killed by some rich guy with a parrot sidekick, he gets his divine intervention with a genie in a lamp. After Aladdin gets his million dollar make over to be a fake prince, he proceeds to lose it all *middle part* then still gets it back in the end and rides off on a magic carpet with a smart mouthed Princess Jasmine. Boom. Happily ever after again.

And there it is. As children, men and women alike are both programmed to believe in happily ever after. We want our story, however we may start out to have a beginning,middle, and have an end that has some type of ride into the sunset with happiness that can’t be put into a book or a movie. We crave it because we believe it can happen to all of us. If it can happen to a street rat like Aladdin, or a broom sweeping house maid like Cinderella, it can certainly happen to us. We don’t only believe it can happen, but that it should. Some people get stuck on finding the sunset. It is easy to want to skip to the end but where is the fun in that? Cinderella and Aladdin wouldn’t have been worth paying attention to if they didn’t have the whole story to tell us. I too find myself wanting to skip to the end of my story. My only advice is to enjoy the middle. Every page of your story is worth savoring. Take it in so your happily ever after will be even better.


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