Where have all the good men gone? Part 1…


I have been working diligently on a post about the good men and finding where they have all gone to. I say this because us women never stop talking about how impossible it is to find a good one. ‘They must all be taken’ is a common theme among the women I’ve encountered in this lifetime.

woman-researcher-doing-blood-test-laboratoryAfter some research and careful consideration, I’ve found that there are more good men out there than we could have imagined and they are right under our noses. Women – this has everything to do with our perception of what a good man is and how a man should act once we’ve found one. We usually discard the good ones as off, not that interesting, or to quote ‘He’s Just Not That Into You” (which should be a public service announcement to all women in my opinion,) there isn’t a “spark”. Now please don’t misunderstand me when I say all of this. I am not blaming women entirely for this situation. It has a lot to do with the majority of men out there whom we’ve encountered. (The official clan of D Bags.) The typical men we date or become involved with has changed what we have come to expect to the point that when we do finally find a good one, it seems all types of wrong.

I will dive into this more in part two… just wanted to give ya’ll a little bit to look forward to. waitforit

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