Past, present, and future


The ghosts from the Christmas story are not just a thing of fairy tales. They are dilemmas were are faced with every passing moment. The past comes back to haunt or present, and affects our future. Whoever said, ‘the past is in the past’ was delusional. There is no such thing. If you’ve ever said words that have hurt someone, or created action that caused pain, that person will always be affected by those things. You can try to apologize, you can try to move forward. But without true forgiveness, and acceptance, you will never be seen for anything than your past indiscretions.

Any action that seems anywhere near your former flaws will be magnified to be the same as your past. I would love to believe that a person is capable of seeing what is in front of them, but they call scars, scars for a reason. Once someone is hurt to the point that they can’t forget it, it is just that. Be careful with your words and actions. A person is delicate. And once you hurt them, they may never see you as you are again. They will only see the pain you once caused them.

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