Excerpt from my work in progress…

For those who have been asking about my book, I wanted to give you a very small excerpt from the first chapter. I can’t give too much away just yet. Biggest reason… what fun would it be reading the book if I put too much of it here on whathadhappenedwasss.com?

“I took the envelope, unopened and put it in my back pocket. I quickly excused myself from the birthday celebrations and ran to the restroom. The moments passed in slow motion as I closed the door and locked myself in the tiny bathroom that was covered in mirrors. As soon as I caught my breath again, I took the envelope out of my pocket and inspected it closely. It was addressed to me, from him. I held the envelope up to the light and it looked as if there was a letter in it. What could it possibly say? It was my 27th birthday that day. That meant 27 years years had passed without so much as a birthday card. So what in the world would this man have to say to me?”

More to come soon…

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