Is there life after McDreamy?

dreamyTo all of you other there in TV watching land who are trying to boycott Grey’s Anatomy after the death of our beloved McDreamy… Stop it. I will agree it is not the same without the hottness of Patrick Dempsey. Nonetheless, he was on the show less and less. Not to mention, there was something a little off about our heroine being picture perfect happy. I don’t even think Meredith was happy being happy. It’s not in her character. She is a ball of self loathing and things need to be going wrong for her to thrive. For those of you who are getting angry… Get angry with Shonda Rhimes. She is the one who created the characters, (Including Meredith) not me.

yangIf you die hard fans want to be pissed about a beloved cast member leaving the show, get angry about Yang. I mean seriously Shonda. She was literally the Yang to Meredith’s Yin. Cristina Yang added a balance to the show that I feel has been lacking ever since she decided to move across the world. And can we give a little shout out here and there… maybe even a cameo to Yang? She really brought it all together. But I understand. You are pissed about how hot McDreamy was. If that is your reason, then how were you not throwing fits about McSteamy leaving the show?! He was way hotter. Its just a fact. Check out my side by side comparisson I have added. (You’re welcome.)

mcsteamy-and-mcdreamyObviously I am a little partial… but how can you not be more sad about McSteamy leaving the show? He was just so damn hot. I mean I cried when both doctors got killed off. To be fair though, I pretty much cry every time Grey’s Anatomy is on. It is just one of those shows that makes you wonder how they can keep coming up with heartbreaking material every week. Every time you think you could never cry harder on Thursdays, you inevitably do next week. It was a full box of tissues back when Private Practice was on after Grey’s every week. Remember that? I think they had to take one show off the air because there was just too much damn crying going on every Thursday night.

Either way, people need to really get over Patrick Dempsey being off of the show. Meredith is back to being dark and twisty and deep down we all love that. We need her to be dark, twisty and messed up so we can watch her rather than think about our own messed up realities.

I’m just going to throw in one more picture of McSteamy just because he is stupid hot. You’re welcome again. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Is there life after McDreamy?

  1. Derek was cute and all but I never liked him with Meredith for some reason. Just not my cup of ginger tea. Yes I’m extremely pissed about Yang leaving cause she was the best bitch ever. Oh and Mark why Shonda why? He was a godsend though I tired of him in Calzoba tacos. Still the best show to me….at least till Sunday then its THE WALKIND DEAD

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