Predicting the future from Back to the Future?

enhanced-1954-1420095390-1So yeah, it is 2015. This is the year Marty McFly came to from the past in the movie Back to the Future II. There were all kinds of awesome predictions in that movie and anyone who watched that flick as a kid totally believed our lives would be just like the movie when this year finally got here. I didn’t really do the math of how old I’d be when I first watched the movie so I didn’t quite realize I’d be in my ealry thirties. Nonetheless, I really looked forward to owning my very own hoverboard.

hover1It’s funny to look back and realize… we kind of are just how the movie predicted. Alright, alright. I don’t have my very own hover2hoverboard.Β Yet. But, Lexus already made one and there are other companies perfecting them for the average consumer. Yeah.. we have those weird ones that are like modified Segways that everyone is scooting around on, but the real hoverboard is here too. Thanks Lexus! And for those of you who want to see more on the different hoverboards that should launch soon, check out this link:

(You’re welcome)

shoesI know the sweet kicks Marty McFly was rocking as soon as he got to the future are here too! I remember when they first announced them on the market. It was a super big deal for about a week. Those Nike shoes are now yesterday’s news, but you can still buy them online, mostly on Ebay at this point. But the fact remains, those awesome shoes actually became a reality… in 2015! Woah… it’s like the writers for the movie knew what the future would be like. *Mind Blown*

cubs winSo with the shoes and the hoverboards and the rest of the awesome sauce becoming a reality, the Cubs fans everywhere are just dying because they’re thinking this is going to be their year. They’re minds are completely blown. They got the wild card and squeezed into the playoffs. Now, if we look back to the movie that could apparently predict the future, there is a newspaper front page that shows not only that the Chicago Cubs win the World Series, but that they will sweep the last series and win in 5. I’m not a Cubs fan, (my apologies for any offense to those of you who are,) but it would be really cool if that happened. If for no other reason than just to freak everyone out about how accurate the movie was. However, not to burst anyone’s bubbles, or rain on said parades, but if we want to hold out hope on the Back to the Future prediction about the Cubs, we have to look at the other headlines on the front page of the paper in the movie.

9-back-to-the-future-newspaperIt shows that ‘Queen Diana” will be visiting Washington. Look folks, unless Google lied, there is currently no Queen Diana. So I don’t see that one coming true. Then there is the headline that the ‘President says she’s tired’. I’m going to go ahead and chalk that one up to a typo. Maybe they were referring to the current president and accidentally typed she instead of he. Let’s just say that one is true. Because look at the dude. It is pretty obvious he is tired. Hell, I’d be tired too if I were running the country. I’m even going to overlook the fact that it shows the paper was delivered via fax. With the facts before us, there was some wiggle room on the prediction of the future from Back to the Future II. Let’s just hope for the Chicago Cubs sake, the boys pull off a win this year if for no other reason than to make one of our favorite childhood movies even more awesome.

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