Use in case of emergency

shit-hit-the-fan-literally_o_1414161You know that moment when you thought things were going to happen one way but then ended up going the complete opposite? I know.. you made plans. You committed to an idea. Then all the sudden everything was upside down. This what many refer to as ‘the sh*t hitting the fan’. the amount of sh*t that hit s the fan is the exact equivalent to how sh*tty this will actually feel. There are a couple different ways for one to deal with the above mentioned circumstances. I like to use all of these options but more like steps. Here they are:

1 – Have a complete effing meltdown. Let it go. You can be a mess every once in a while. It’s cool. We’ve all been there. And you know what? It feels really good to just lose the sh*t you always keep together for a few. Indulge. For me, it’s worth it.

2 – (After you’re done losing your sh*t) Come to terms with the situation and take an evaluation of what is on the fan and what is on the floor. The effed up thing about whatever hit the fan; is it is bound to come down. Make sure you employ your metaphorical helmet to prevent any debris that comes back down and smack you in the head.

maxresdefault3 – Once you have a firm grasp of the inventory of all the up’s and down’s of the situation, step back and figure out which of those things you have any control of, if any. Depending on how much (or rather how little) is left in your control, you may have to go back to step one again just to make peace with things. Which leads me to step #4.

4 – Make peace with everything. It happened. It was crappy. You’ll live. No matter how bad whatever happened was… you were fine before it and you’ll be fine again. *Cue the Lion King song* It’s the circle of liiiifffeeee.

5 – Move the eff on. Understand that life isn’t perfect and it never will be.

It is that simple. Life is a journey. There are some roller coasters that make you wonder why you even got on in the first place, and then there are beaches like the ones in Bora Bora. (Using Pintrest as a reference here as I’ve never actually been, but I definitely will) Enjoy the ride knowing you are going to die in the end anyway, so you may as well enjoy yourself.


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