5 Reasons Halloween is Super Awesome

Since Halloween is upon us this week, I would like to share with you all the list of reasons why it is my favorite holiday.

Reason #1: It is fun. It is the one day of the year that you can dress up and pretend to be anyone you want to be. Unless you’re lucky enough to go to several parties, in which case, there are several days you get to pretend. Aaaand the more you get to dress up… the more fun that is had. Obviously.

NemoReason #2: Halloween is the only time that even the most conservative gals can seriously whore it up. You can literally walk out in lingerie and people will actually compliment your outfit. Like “awww you look so cute!” Only on Halloween can you get away with looking like a pay-for-sex type of girl and receive a compliment for it. Not to mention even the most innocent of costumes can be turned into something slutty. It’s almost funny how we can get away with that. See the picture? I am pretty sure Disney did not want Nemo to be portrayed this way but whatevs! It’s Halloween!!

Reason #3: Gift giving holidays like Christmas can bring on crazy amount of anxiety about money. You have to worry about buying gifts that cost too much, an better yet worry about how they will be received. Halloween on the other hand, you go from place to place getting goodies just for asking.

family_argument_3Reason #4: Although holidays bring families together, sometimes that isn’t always a good thing. There is a reason that same group of people avoids each other the rest of the year. They don’t really enjoy each other. Someone will say something that will piss the other person off, a fight of some sort will break out, family members will be forced to pick sides, and so on, and so on. You don’t have to do the family deal on Halloween. It’s just a fun day to get away with tricking or treating of all types.

Reason #5: Everyone is happy and in good spirits on Halloween. My reasoning for that is probably the combination of the above mentioned reasons Halloween is super. You get to dress up, get treats, play tricks, (or dress up as one) do whatever you want and all for the sake of fun.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my reasons for why Halloween is super awesome. Just talking about Halloween and the awesome sauce about it gets me pumped up for this weekend. Have a safe one and remember it is all in good fun. Enjoy it whilst it lasts as Thanksgiving and Christmas (and Christmas shopping) are right around the corner.



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