I’ve been very lucky in life. I’ve found love almost as easily as I’ve given it. That being said, as many know, with the mountaintops of life come the valleys. Although I’ve loved much, I’ve also endured a lot of heartbreak.

When my life takes a trip to the valleys it is easy to get caught in the shadows of the mountains. It can be painful at times, but it is part of life and the views from the mountain tops cannot be as breath taking without understanding how it feels unless you’ve been in the valleys.


Even though the valley is a place we all visit from time to time, I try to make my visits short and as sweet as possible. I like to remember how great it felt to be at the top of the mountain. I remember the sensation of the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair back when I was on top. The only problem with the memories of the last mountain top is that we are prevented from going back. Moving forward is the only option in the real game of life.


I like to think that I own a cheat code to expiditing my valley vacations. At first, of course, I can’t resist looking back at the mountain I seem to have fallen down from. I find comfort in the shadows of the memories I came from. After a few days of hiding in my self made darkness I look to the horizon. There will always be another mountain to climb ahead of me. I step out of the shadows long enough to take one more look at the memories I made before my trip into the sadness. I appreciate what they were then move forward to my next climb. The memories before it were important and special but they inspire me to know that there will be more special moments ahead to look forward to and I won’t enjoy them if I stay looking back at them from the shadows of the past.


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