This valley…

I’m stuck trying to get back to the highest mountain I’ve just fallen off of. I’ve begged and bargained for time to rewind just one time. This valley is so low and filled with so many shadows it’s hard to see anything but them. I tried to remember the valleys I’ve visited before to remember if they seemed as dark as this one, but the mountain behind me is too high and the shadows are so dark it’s impossible to think. Life has proven that this is only temporary and I try to remind myself that there will be another mountain of happiness to climb into just over horizon.

After so much time in darkness, I devised another plan to end it. Every night that passed, as I lay in the grass of the new valley I seemed to have taken up residence in… I looked up to the sky. I knew if I could find a star to wish upon, one day my wish will come true and my salvation would be visible. If only my nights weren’t covered in clouds I could have. I would have.

I won’t accept this reality. I won’t make this place absent of light my new home. If I can’t get out of the shadows I will wait for my nights to come and keep hoping the clouds will part just enough to wish one wish.

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