Is that light I see?

To give an update from my previous depressing post about the valley in currently visiting…

This has been a low one. So low in fact, at times I thought the darkness would own me for a lifetime. I still find myself looking back and wishing to climb back to the top of the mountain behind me, and I’ve yet to see anything but flat ground in front of me. But for the first time since my fall it seems as though the fog is lifting.

My valley is that. Flat without any climbs ahead of me but without the clouds swallowing the skies I’ve started to see how green the grass is. The nights don’t scare me as they have in the past. The stars above me are becoming more bright, and although I keep my wishes to myself, I know they will be there asking for my wishes when I’m ready.

I hope with the the time that passes, the mountain behind me will see smaller with each step I take away from it. Until then I will enjoy the sunlight if nothing else that keeps me company in this green valley. For at least I’ve walked far enough out of the shadows from my fall to feel the warmth of the sun.

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