The Stars Above Me… Explained

I’ve posted this poem in the past. I never wanted to explain the why behind it until now.

There was a person in my life whom I loved very deeply. Beyond reason, actually. It was the type of love that didn’t make much sense. This person hurt me so many times, in so many different ways, but somehow always managed to earn my forgiveness. After so much time had passed between us, I started to believe we had the type of bond that would withstand the trials of life. For some reason, I loved (or stayed wishing rather) when I shouldn’t have. I eventually forgot why I wrote this poem about someone, and how they made me feel for me to even write it. I was wrong about so many things for so long… I all but lost my way.

After reading these words again today, I saw things differently. I realized that I too sparkle in the night sky. I may have wished upon the wrong star in the past, but I can no longer fear the night. I must remember how brightly I shine… And never forget that I deserve wishes too.


I have loved the stars so very fondly, but fear the darkness that will inevitably meet me.

So many times I have welcomed the moon and found nothing but nightmares.

I bask in the sunlight. It is only then

I can count on my daydreams to take me to a better place,

A place filled with my Secret wishes.

If only my daydreams could carry on through dusk and beyond the sunset,

My nights wouldn’t be filled with such despair.

Too soon, the sun leaves and darkness fills the sky.

A magnificent sea of lights dances down from the heavens

I succumb to their beauty and wish my love upon a star

For what I swear will be the last time.

I fear nothing and trust one star to light 

The night sky for an eternity.

This star will meet the same fate as those before it, leaving me in a

Deafening darkness.

I stand alone again,

Vulnerable to the terrors of the night

Until the sunrise rescues me.

If only I could live in a world of eternal sunshine, there would be no fear of night.

I will fight the sun setting with all of who I am.

For with the next night fall, I will be forced to see the beautiful stars laughing at me.

They will taunt me with their brilliance and beg my wishes as they always have. 

I pray the sun spare my heart.

Then, and only then, will I not fear the pain of night.

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