Oh say can you see?

Here I go again dating myself…

kids-saying-pledgeWhen I was in school, every morning we said the pledge of allegiance. It was just what we did. (I’m not starting in on a rant for why we need that in our schools so don’t go thinking that.) We put out flags for Memorial Day, Independence Day, and all the other national holidays that were based around the freedoms and sacrifices of our country. One other crazy thing we did was stopped, took off our hat, and put our right hand over our heart when someone sang the national anthem. The way I was raised, this was how it was supposed to be.

As you all should know by now, I work many events. Lots of sporting story2events in fact. Now by the grace of God, they still have the national anthem sang at the beginning of every sporting game I work. (Not sure how the P.C. people haven’t put a stop to that yet…) It used to be… that people would stop selling drinks and food, stop talking, walking, pretty much stop doing whatever they were doing to pay some respect to the nation and it’s anthem for the 60 seconds it took to have it sang. Yet slowly but surely, people started caring less and less. It got to the point at the last Lakers game I worked, not even the bartenders stopped selling drinks.

911Remember 9/11? Remember how everyone got super patriotic for a while? Everywhere you looked you saw an American flag. People cared for a little while. Our citizens showed a little patriotism after we had an attack on American soil. Before that, no one cared. It took something as devastating as an attack taking countless lives to make people care. Now, 14 years later… people can’t even wait for our national anthem to be sang to get their vodka tonics. I just wanted to take a moment and tell everyone to knock it the eff off… Show a little respect and class. Whether you’re a citizen or visitor, doesn’t matter. Get with it.

USA flag lapel pin and hand over heart

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