And the Oval Office goes to…

I’ve sat pretty quietly and watched this sh*t show of a presidential race. I don’t know if it is that I am just getting older so I am noticing more or if these candidates would seem as bad if I were younger… but this is getting out of control. I haven’t said much about it to anyone so far, but with the massive media coverage of the Iowa caucus I couldn’t avoid it today. With the recaps of the previous debates and commentary on each candidate playing on repeat all day, I found myself daydreaming of alternate futures with each one of these dingbats as the new President of the United States. Each vision seemed worse than the previous and in every single one, we were screwed. GTY_trump_clinton_jef_150617_16x9_992

I changed the channels on the television searching for something mind numbing to avoid reality just a little while longer. It’s the American way right? I hated myself for avoiding the election coverage. Never was I one to shy away from politics, but this time seemed so different. There wasn’t one candidate I could truly support let alone appreciate for much longer than a few moments. I pushed past my guilt and searched through the guide of HBO channels on my Direct TV. Ocean’s 11 was playing. Even though I had watched this film a thousand times I couldn’t help watching it again. I selected the channel and started watching. Not even two minutes into the movie, I had an epiphany. huge-idea-abstract-colorful-background-yellow-light-bulb-hanging-text-written-white-green-letters-52557478

It came to be how we could get out of this nightmare of politics whilst simultaneously improving our foreign policy, deficit, etc. We just need the right leader with the right guy buy his side.  All day I had wondered out of all the U.S. citizens how we had ended up with this motley crew of idiots to run for commander in chief. I wondered who would be better than the billionaire or the career politicians. Ocean’s 11 cleared it up for me in under two minutes. The best man for the job would be George Clooney. Hell, put Brad Pitt as his VP and this country could really get it’s sh*t back together. Think about it for a moment…

Daniele Venturelli
Hey Brad… we are totally going to fix sh*t… lol

Can you imagine the meetings these guys would have with foreign dignitaries? What wouldn’t be accomplished?! I think we need to find a way to get these two studs into the oval office and let the rest sort itself out. I mean hell… they are better than the other guys (and gals) running for office so why not?

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