Prove it…

The problem with words is how powerful or meaningless they can be. This is true in so many different situations.

A story of strength through adversity can inspire strength in the weak. Words spoken on finding love or losing it can make one believe in love even if they haven’t experienced it firsthand. Reading or hearing about technology that’s yet to exist can make a person dream of the future. The power in those words was the action that created them.

Watching Neil Armstrong on the moon landing and hearing him say, “one small step for man…” can spark a light of curiosity and wonder in anyone’s mind. Hearing Martin Luther King say, “I have a dream” can make one feel empowered and optimistic. These words were spoken by people who had the actions behind them that made their voices louder and their words more believable.

Conversely, there are words spoken without the meaningful actions to support them. A presidential hopeful can promise the moon and the stars and with the right words, you might believe they will deliver. But are they able to? Have they had any expirience in the subject of their promises? Do they have the power within the role they hope to attain to deliver? Have you heard a realistic plan on how they hope to make good on their word? Have their past promises been delivered?  Or are you merely listening to a well spoken politician reading a preplanned statement they’ve dwindled down to a 30 second debate response to a question they were prepared for?

A friend or romantic partner can tell you exactly what you want to hear. They can tell you anything from “I love you” to “I’m sorry”, but how can those words resonate without action from the past or present to support them? Has history proven you are quick to believe a person without any reason to? Or conversely, has the person’s actions in the past proven their words deserve merit?

For me, I use words to convey my feelings and thoughts whether it is through a chat on the phone, a letter, my books, or even this blog. They don’t always come across as well scripted as a politician’s at a debate, but they do hold value as I’ve had the actions in the past and present to support them. My words would mean nothing without the strength to follow through with the action to prove them. I’m not suggesting to doubt every word you hear. However, you should always consider the source to know whether the words you’re hearing have any true value.

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