Best GPS update ever? Yes.

I work in event marketing. It is a great gig if you can deal with the negative parts of the job. One of the downsides to working events like I do, is working at a different venue every day. It makes it fun, yet sometimes a bit challenging especially if you don’t know where you are going. Fortunately, GPS applications are on pretty much every smartphone and they are super user friendly. I like to use it even if I know where I am going just so I can get a real time estimate of arrival based on up to date traffic delays. (The struggle of living in sunny Southern California with crazy traffic is real.)


Look at that mess. As you can see, traffic can be so effed up that a ‘red’ line to indicate how bad the traffic build up is, just isn’t good enough. Nope. They use black as if to say, “traffic is so bad now that if you’re driving in this area, you won’t be out of that traffic jam until you are dead”. I could be wrong, but I think that may be a direct quote from the SigAlert traffic website. Anyway… back to the awesome invention of GPS on smartphones and how I love using it every time I drive.


A couple days ago I was driving home on one of my many looooong drives, and per usual, I had my Waze GPS active. *Side note: So far, Waze has been the most accurate with ETA’s, best possible routes. Plus it won’t go bananas and change route out of no where like some applications do* Any who… Since I use the app almost every time I drive, I tinkered with the settings quite a bit. I wanted the voice to sound as nice as possible when it would tell me directions so I of course went through all the different options before settling with the British guy who included street names. He’s nice enough and generally gives me enough notice to make good driving choices. I always wished I could have Morgan Freeman giving me directions via GPS but could never find an app for that. Whoever said there’s an application for everything certainly lied about that one, until the last time I used my GPS.



An update popped up with the option to download Morgan Freeman as the voice for my driving direction on Waze. I was so excited I pulled over immediately and updated my settings. All I could think about was how long I have wanted this and it has finally happened. I drove for almost two hours with no music on. I kept my audio set to bluetooth just in case Morgan Freeman had any directions to give me. I didn’t want to miss one word. It made driving in gridlock traffic bearable; enjoyable even. I don’t think it is possible for Morgan Freeman to say one upsetting word. He has the most calming, authoritative, wonderfully beautiful voice in the world. It is probably why he played the part of God in a couple movies. I think it is safe to say deep down we all kind of hope God sounds like Morgan Freeman. Right?giphy.gif

I have fears that Morgan Freeman’s voice may only be temporary on my beloved Waze app to help promote his new movie London Has Fallen, but I think the world has spoken. Social media is already going nuts over this recent update with commentary and memes. We have been waiting for a way to have Morgan Freeman be a voice that guides us home along with our GPS. Please let us have this one. No take backs Waze. No take backs.

we-all-love-morgan-freeman_o_1205044Had to add that meme just so you could hear his voice in your head. You’re welcome.

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