The Resting B*tch Face

Today’s rant is about the resting bitch face and how to not come be an asshole when you have interactions with someone who has one of these tricky faces.


For those of you who are unaware of what a resting bitch face or RBF actually is, let me explain. This term describes a person who for no reason has the look of any of the following:

Pretty much any type of foul mood that can be expressed in one’s face.


The tricky part about this condition is, that anyone who truly has a resting bitch face has the same expression on their face whether she or he (usually she) are expiriencing any of the emotions stated above. There are ways to combat ones face looking bothered when it isn’t. The best means to an end that I’ve found has been botox or any variation of botox. One certainly can’t look pissed off with the facial muscle chemically paralyzed right? Hell… Works for me.


Back to how to address someone with the pissed off look. There is one guaranteed way to avoid offending a stranger with this look whether they have resting bitch face or not. Don’t say anything!!!!


Why do you feel the need to talk to a stranger and give them your thoughts on their face? That’s a real asshole move. Keep your one liners to yourself. You just offend people spouting off crap about facial expressions. Here is my advice to you; like my mom always said, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all..

*drops the mic*


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