Moving on…

There are times when you give everything and it isn’t enough. Whether it’s a romantic or professional partnership, when there isn’t an equal give and take, it’s time to walk away to find a better match. Some people stay in these relationships for too long. I know I’ve been guilty of staying when I should have left.


You want it to work. You think, if you’re doing everything you can and want it to work badly enough… It will. Eventually it has to. Right?


I think we’ve all thought this from time to time. The sad reality is leaving a bad relationship can at times be harder than staying in one. At least for some of us. It can be easier to believe in a dream than face reality.


Our lives are full of difficult choices that need to be made and it is too short to waste with inaction. Sometimes you need to cut ties to move forward and that’s okay. Life was meant to be enjoyed. It has to be. Otherwise what’s the point?

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