The first step…

I’ve posted about this before… But taking a leap of faith is hard. Wanting something so badly but not knowing if you’ll ever attain it is a feeling that’s hard to live with. What feeling might be worse? Going after what you want with a very real possibility that it won’t work out in your favor. Whether it be failure or rejection, the idea of it can be almost paralyzing. Must be what causes the inaction…

I guess sometimes you just have to jump and hope the parachute will open because of the two options above… I would rather know it didn’t work because it wasn’t supposed to, rather than not knowing at all.

If you aren’t brave enough yet to take the plunge and cause the action that will inevitably create a reaction, work on growing the strength until you can. Take it from me… The fear of failure or rejection is worse than experiencing it.


This is one of those do as I say not as I do moments as there are a few items I’ve yet to check off of my to do list when it comes to this subject. That being said, I have practiced this theory and the knowing is better. Every time I’ve jumped before, I’ve landed safely. It’s that first step that’s always the hardest.

I will practice what I preach and follow through with the things I need to figure out. I will post again when I do grow the courage to jump and will let you all know how I land. (We all know I’ll end up on my feet. I always do. Everyone does.)😊

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