Inch by inch…

To elaborate on my previous post about taking steps, I thought I’d share the results from the last time I took a huge leap of faith.

For years, I worked in a job I was really good at. The job was easy for me but had social components that killed me in so many ways. I killed myself trying to be a version of myself I wasn’t even sure I could be. A version of me that other people wanted me to be. It was a regular part of my day to make sacrifices. Some were big sacrifices. I did whatever I could to be loyal, and create a future with a company that I wasn’t sure had the same loyalty to me.

After years of compromising and giving up my time, my loved ones, and essentially my life… One day I decided to pull the trigger and change something. I quit. I didn’t have another job, or any means of income. It was the scariest thing I may have ever done. (This coming from the woman who cage dived with sharks)

I couldn’t believe I did it. It was real. I was scared out of my mind once I realized what I’d done.

A few days later, I had a new job. Not only that, but a job I felt happy being at. I started looking forward to every day rather than pushing through them as I had before. My life became less stressful, my relationships became more meaningful, and my days seemed brighter.

Morale of the story is this: I was afraid of the outcome. I didn’t know I’d land a new job. I didn’t know if a new job would be better. What if I was the problem and it wasn’t the job I no longer loved? I wasted years in limbo afraid to take a step I knew I’d have to eventually take. But I jumped knowing somehow I’d be okay and land safely.

Now to take those other first steps… I should know by now.. It will always end up the way it is supposed to. 😊

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