When you give good you get good…

So the other day I had a small rant about getting what you give. It isn’t only about the Debbie downer part of that saying that people should hear. You literally get what you give. Especially with the good.

I’m human. Bad stuff happens to me just like everyone else. In the past, if anything bad happened I’d turn into a total victim and focus on the negative and wouldn’t even think about how anyone else was affected. It seemed bad things would follow me. Life was sucky.

Then…. I changed my outlook. I decided to think positive, even when the bad stuffs happened and I tried my hardest to make sure everyone else was okay before thinking about myself. Oddly enough, good things started happening and the bad moments seemed less rough.

The whirlwind of crap that used to follow me around has been replaced with sunshine and rainbows. Whether it’s my attitude, or the positive energy itself… I couldn’t be happier with what I accidently figured out and what now seems to be attracted to me.

Give good. Think good. Be good. And good will come to you. 😊

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