People watching…

I spend a lot of time commuting to and from work. A 35 mile drive in southern California traffic can take what seems like an eternity some days. Most of the time, it doesn’t get to me. I crank up the music, dance in my car, make phone calls, (hands-free of course) etc.

Today was another day that my hour plus drive didn’t bother me. But I didn’t have the phone calls or music to distract me. Today I took a good hard look at all the people who surrounded me. Whether they were driving along side me, or working at the jiffy lube at the corner of the red light I was stopped at… I looked at these people and wondered what their story was.

Were they going to go home to their children? A special someome? Were they going home to an empty house? Were their lives filled with more happiness than sadness? Had they found a great love? Or had they ever lost one? Or worse, had they ever known a true love?

The thoughts circled my mind throughout my commute. It left me reminded that we all have our stories and depending on the day, it could be the best, or worst of our short lives. It’s so easy to be self involved when interacting with someone you’ve just met. But how much better would we all be if we genuinely cared about the well-being of others we encountered?

Even if it were just a moment of concern or kindness shared with a stranger… Wouldn’t life seem a little more awesome?

Just a thought. πŸ™„

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