There are two types of people…

There are two types of people in the world:

1 – Givers

2 – Takers

1 – Givers want to give. They enjoy the feeling of giving to others. Whether it is time, gifts, money, love… Givers seem to have an endless supply of whatever is asked of them. And if they do run out of something? They find a way to give even when they don’t have it.

2 – Takers take. Unlike givers, they are more comfortable being on the receiving end of the giving. Takers don’t seem to have much of a problem asking for more either. They’re the what’s in it for me people.

The world needs both. It balances things out. The problem with both types of people, is moderation. When a Giver gives too much, they can be taken advantage of and when the Taker takes too much, they find themselves using/abusing people.

Be careful to watch the balance in your relationships. There should always be a healthy balance of give and take between people. Whether it’s a professional, platonic, or romantic relationship, you should never fear weighing out the ratio. If you do worry about the balance… You might want to rethink the relationship.


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