People change…

Throughout my years I’ve heard so much debate over this subject. People don’t really change is the most commonly accepted saying. (At least that’s how it seems in the circles I find myself in) But what about the people who do change? Are they the exception to the rule? Or is the rule, not a rule at all? Or is the saying just people change?

I’d rather not give examples of people who haven’t changed. That seems to be a point that has been made for me. Instead, I will give examples of some types of people who did make a significant change to prove my point.

Recovering drug addicts or alcoholics. These people used drugs for many reasons, and one day decided to make a change. To list the reasons would take an eternity and I feel it is safe to say each person who’s found themselves in this process of change has their own unique reason or reasons why they made it.

Ex-gang members. Same type of explanation as above. One day they are in a gang for reasons they found valuable at the time, and another day they make a decision to walk away. Make a change.

The once absent parent who becomes involved in a child’s life. The once abusive spouse who never hurts another thing again. The Vegetarian who used to love steak.

Don’t try to be a person’s reason for change… but change is possible, when an individual wants it for their own reasons. Next time you hear someone saying people never change, you’ll know at least a few examples of how untrue that saying is.

People change.

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