It’s not you… It’s me…

After dealing with the whole Mercury in retrograde fiasco that has obviously been the cause of so many major problems for me recently (jk life just has the ups and downs) a friend sent me a super powerful message to cheer my spirits. It seems like everything has been going wrong even though I’ve tried to make them right. Feeling defeated, I read the heartfelt message from my friend and it reminded me of this…

People are who they are. Me… I’m a giver. And my heart is selfless. (Their words not mine so it must be true right? šŸ˜‰) For me, loving is an amazing act. (scary but amazing nonetheless) The hard part with loving fully is letting your guard down after you’ve been hurt in the past. When you know how bad the pain of having a broken heart can be, sometimes you become afraid to try again. But what’s the fun in that? Living in fear is worse. (read my previous posts for more on why living in fear isn’t worth it)

My friend sent me these kind words because they too, have a genuine, selfless beautiful heart that’s full of love and generosity. They heard my tears and reminded me not to think negatively of those who’ve hurt me. I found myself thinking about the one who wronged me… wondering how I could be such a poor judge of character with so much time that had passed. My friend told me that even though the person or people who’ve hurt me are selfish, it isn’t necessarily that they only care for themselves. It’s that they care more for themselves than they do at least me. That being said… Why should I spend any more time or energy thinking about a person who is more concerned with themselves than they are me?

Plus, somewhere in the middle of being torn up again about a broken heart I started questioning what was wrong with me. There must be something wrong with me if I’m not loveable enough to stay with right? I questioned my personality, my intentions… Then it dawned on me. My friends dropped everything they were doing to show me how much they cared for me. They wrote me texts, and emails, and called me to tell me how special I am. Realizing all those things made the lightbulb click on.

I am loveable. I am loved by many in fact. Plus… If I’m half as awesome as my amazing friends who’d put so much energy into cheering me up… I should be stoked to be me because my friends are crazy awesome people.

Thank you for your sweet, kind words. It reminded me to not doubt myself. If someone can’t appreciate what or who you are… You’re better of without even the thought of them.

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