I made plans…

I swear God laughs every time we make any. I like to imagine God hanging out with angels up in heaven watching us down here with our ‘plans’.. They’d be cracking up, sipping on some water he just turned into wine.. As he gasps for air between belly laughs he says to one angel, did you see her making plans?!? Then laughing some more and with a knee slap he leans towards another angel and says, man I got her good this time didn’t I?? Silly people and their silly plans.

It’s an awesome image that plays out in my mind that helps gets me through the extra difficult days. Feel free to use it.

Life is really short and shouldn’t be spent making too many plans anyway. Sure… Some plans are great. If you don’t have an endless supply of cash you may need to save up for that someday vacation. But in reality, you don’t know how many years, months, days or even minutes you have until your time is up. Enjoy every moment and don’t put things in a someday category. Why wait for that someday when it can be today?

Do epic sh*t. Be awesome. And as they say… Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive.

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