She anticipated…

Earlier this week, a friend of mine was broken up with. She is a smart, talented, driven, not to mention beautiful inside and out type of woman. When she told me about her break up she was pretty broken up about it. I was pretty surprised he had called things off with my friend. They seemed to have really hit it off straight away and he seemed not only like a nice guy…. But really into her too.

She was sad, confused, and heartbroken. Her being heart broken was probably an even bigger surprise to me. Although things were going fairly well between my friend and her boyfriend, she didn’t seem to be one to really fall for a guy. She had been hurt a lot in the past so she had a hard time letting people in. I told her what every gal tells their girlfriend after a breakup. He didn’t deserve you anyway. You were always too good for him. You’ll meet someone better.

Here it is Friday and I spoke with my recently dumped friend again to see how she was doing. She wasn’t as sad as I thought she’d be. She still talked about her ex but not in the same way she did at the beginning of the week. Once again I was surprised by what she told me. Here’s what she said:

Even though I’m bummed out and still sad about what happened… I’m proud of myself. At first I was angry that I let someone in and they left me. I kept thinking I was stupid to believe in someone the way I believed in him. Stupid for believing I could be happy with someone. Then I realized I let someone in and let myself be happy. I wasn’t anticipating anything bad. There was a trust I put in him. Everytime he pushed the gas pedal on our relationship, I went with it rather than being scared of how it might go wrong. Even though I’m hurt by what he did and how he broke up with me, I’m happier I didn’t fight being happy with someone. It’s been a long time since I trusted someone to not let me down. It felt good at least while it was good.

Hearing her thoughts made my heart warm. She was right. She hadn’t fought happiness with her boo. She embraced it and fought only her fears of not believing she was worth it. I’d watched my friend keep every man so far away from her heart for so long. In the end she was hurt, but she finally knows what I know about her. Her own worth.

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