She knew what she wanted…

I have so many single girlfriends who all have the same complaint. They put themselves out there and can’t seem to find a partner. I think that’s why we women love weddings so much. Like, there is still a chance! She found one maybe I can too!! Let’s dance to single ladies and really sing that part about shoulda put a ring on it…

These single ladies have tried everything. Dating friends that turn into lovers, getting set up by friends, even going on dating sites. (what a nightmare with those dating sites by the way…) Everytime they think they’ve found someone special, something crazy happens and the rug gets pulled out from beneath them. They end up back in line waiting to take applications for Mr. Right again.

I say to just let go and stop looking for someone and maybe that special someone will just show up when they least expect it. That does NOT go over too well with women who’ve just had their hearts broken. But what else can you really say? There’s nothing wrong with these women. They just haven’t found the right one yet. But the more they’re disappointed, the more defeated they feel. They start to believe their search may never be over and become more lonely after each failed relationship.

I’m no expert. I’ve loved and lost many times myself. Like I’ve said before, loving someone comes easy for this girl. No matter what happens, it seems I’m doomed to be the eternal optimistic for love. The dreaded hopeless romantic. There wouldn’t be so many stories of happily ever after if it didn’t exist right? It must.

My advice, be like Snow White. That chick was just hanging out with seven of her closest friends and even when bad stuff went down (haters like the evil queen will always be hating) her Prince still came through. I know it’s hard, but know what you’re worth and don’t give up on the idea of a happily ever after. It’ll happen.

Trust me.


The hopeless romantic

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