As always… Tuesday sucked…

We’ve all heard that b.s. about Monday being so awful. ‘Case of the Monday’s’ and all. I agree that Monday sucks. But what about Tuesday? Tuesday is by far the worst day of the week. Here is why I have deemed Tuesday the worst day of the week:

Let’s start from the middle of the week…

Wednesday – You’ve made it to hump day which is fun to say. And whether you’re a glass is half full or half empty type of person, either way you’ve made it half way through the work week. That’s something. Right?

Thursday – You’ve just about made it to Friday. Its kind of a bummer because you’re so close to Friday you can taste it but you still have stuff to do. It can be a long day but you’re on the short end of the work week. You’ve almost made it to the weekend.

Friday – All kinds of awesome. Friday morning you know you only have a set amount of hours to get through until your work day is over. Love your job? Hate it? It’s still a job and you’re almost done for the week. At the end of the work day… there is no work the next day, or the day after! All your work worries can wait til next week. You can stay up late and don’t need to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow is…

Saturday – You can sleep in. Your whole day can be spent being lazy, having fun, doing whatever you want to do because it’s your day! And guess what… no work the next day.

Sunday – Much like the day before, Sunday is meant for you. Or should be spent doing religious stuffs. Religious stuffs… also a you thing. You can use it to get ready for the week or do whatever you want.

Monday – Blah. Back to work. You catch up from the things you put off on Friday, and deal with everyone else who’s bummed the weekend over. If you’re lucky, you’ll at least get to hear some cool stories from the weekend.  Maybe you even have some yourself to share. Hell sometimes you get it off with a three day holiday right? Can’t be all bad all the time.

TUESDAY – The worst day of the week. Monday was slammed. You were busy. Stuff from the day before you didn’t finish? It spilled into Tuesday. Now you’re extra busy. The fun from the weekend has been forgotten. Now last weekend feels like a month ago and next weekend seems even further. All the worst parts of work seems extra awful and it isn’t even half way through the week.

Tell me I’m wrong… Tuesday sucks. Except for Taco Tuesday. You get margaritas with Taco Tuesday. 🙂

Don’t reference that song about going up on a Tuesday either. No one ever goes to the club on a Tuesday. Let’s be real guys. Place is empty. That song tried to trick me into liking Tuesdays.

You’re welcome for getting that song stuck in your head now.


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