Tequila round 2…

Ah here we are again with tequila. So since I’ve already discussed the awesome qualities of tequila in a previous post, I will keep this one as short as possible and only inform you of my most recent tequila revelation.


Tequila is hard to take shots of straight without that one face everyone makes. (you know the face.. And you probably just did it too) it’s harsh! So we’ve heard of the Coca-Cola kick backs and all… You know how it makes the nasty face and taste less intense. But this weekend I was introduced to a different type of kick back. Ready?

Freaking pickle juice!! Aka pickleback Sound disgusting? 😝 That’s what I thought too! Then I reminded myself you can’t really knock something ’til you try it. So I did… 😓


Guess what? It was awesome. 😍 Totally cut that awful taste and cringe you get with a shot of tequila. I know it sounds crazy but you must try it. Unless you hate pickles. That would not make sense.

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