F*ck you Logitech…

So all logitech products suck. Headsets break within weeks of first use and Logitech says all their products are sold ‘as is’. Don’t even try installing any software to help… its just a waste of computer space that says there is no device like what? How is that even possible? F*ck!! Now I’m  just waiting for for my keyboard and mouse to give out too. Sh*t with Logitech products it seems like it must be a race against the clock as to which device is going to win the fail game first. 

Seriously f*ck off Logitech. You guys must have the same assembly line Nissan is using with your sh*t products you pimp out to unsuspecting consumers. God forbid a person buys an electronic device that works right? Just like the paint staying on a f*cking Nissan. Not gonna happen.

Thanks for nothing Logitech…

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