F*ck you BJ’s 

Been here? The BJ’s at the Tustin Marketplace? I wonder if you had as much of a sh*t experience as I just did. Party of 6, and I had to wait at least 25 minutes *trying to be objective* until I got my burger after the rest of my party was served their food… Wait what? I had to Google how long it takes to cook a burger. 

So… with the benefit of the doubt incorporated, we are looking at a solid 15 minutes for a burger. So the fact that I didn’t even get a burger for 90 minutes after ordering is insulting right? Wait it gets better. 

Remember how I said burger?  Not cheeseburger right? So after the first hour and 10 minutes our awesome waiter comes out with a burger covered in blue cheese to hold us over until the original order comes through. Hey buddy… I specified cheese allergies. So why the F*CK would I want a burger covered in the the nastiest cheese of all time? 

F*cking gag… 

Finally, Amy, the manager, comes through to address our sh*t experience at their fine (independently owned) establishment. She arrives after I finally get a burger with some slabs of cheese on a plate on the side. (Still the wrong freaking burger by the way. Must be rocket scientists building those burgers in the back.) Not even mentioning the vegetarian that ordered vegetarian lentil soup who got beef chili instead.. (seriously wtf..)

She tries to make things right and asks if I want a gift card to use at my next visit. Next visit?! This is like my obstetrician coming in telling me how I can have another kid Yada Yada right after I almost died giving birth to my son. Lol b*tch not going through that again.  *one and done on that sh*t by the way… 

Not going to happen Amy. Not your fault girl… you just came in at the last minute after the sh*t storm hit and I’m beyond a snickers commercial hungry. But let’s be real for a second. Why the hell would I come here to eat again when I could go to In-N-Out and only have to wait 45 minutes in the drive through and they won’t mess up my order? Oh the beer? I’ll go to am pm for that at a fraction of the price. Thanks.

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