We’re just calling to make sure your business information is up to date…

Ever get this call? If you own a business I bet you have! I do this all day long. It’s surprising how many business owners don’t care about incorrect phone numbers, addresses, etc. Everyone who needs to find them already knows how to find them and contact them right?

Well can someone please let the three Burger King in Anaheim hills know their addresses and phone numbers are wrong? *ALL OF THEM… NOT JUST ONE. Nothing worse than craving an unhealthy amount of Burger King, typing in Burger King in my Google search for turn by turn directions then showing up to a nail salon. 

Uh oh.. time to call them to get their number right? Wrong!! Haha. Wrong number. In a serious search for Burger King, I find their website. Wrong number there too. Wait… this must be wrong… but it isn’t. 

I start my search via mission drive aimlessly for a damn whopper and 18 minutes later I give up on my search and go to Carl’s. (Should have gone there anyway.) Thank God for those charbroiled burgers. 

On my drive home I realize I do this all day long and listen to know it all business owners who think this doesn’t matter. Looks like everyone under the sun is going to hear about Burger King not having it any way tomorrow. Looks like it is kind of a big deal huh? SMH.

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