There was this Nissan…

So at this point, there’s really no reason of even acknowledging the presidential election. Everyone’s minds are pretty much made up and the mainstream media basically owns the opinions. That being said… I thought it might be about time to hit on what some might even say is the bigger issue affecting America’s middle class than this crazy election.



We’ve all seen this car on the road. Paint falling off, headlights so foggy I’d be surprised if any light can shine through, handles breaking off, all kinds of crap going wrong with it… does kind of car. Every time you see a car with some kind of defect (whether it be a newer or older model) you can bet it’s a Nissan. These things are falling apart the moment you drive them off the lot. You can’t even look at a Nissan too hard without causing it to dent.

Seriously. I’ve literally been behind brand new Nissans and if you look hard enough you’ll find something wrong with those too. Check this guy out…


Brand new Nissan Murano (had to block out the dealership name.) Looks fine right? Look harder…

Check out the rear windshield wiper blade already broke off. Yup!! That’s a Nissan!! Bet any amount of money it’s either broken or will break the moment anyone steps in the vicinity of this type of vehicle. It’s been proven countless times.

Scrolling through Facebook today and guess what I post caught my eye?


Looks like someone had a bad time at the Nissan dealership in Orange, CA and basically proved my point. Brand new car, 30k + in debt and its a mobile money pit. Poor thing. Someone should have told her to look at all the Nissans on the road (side of the road included obviously… talking about Nissans here) before committing 30k to a clunker.

Needless to say… this is only the beginning of my Nissan rant and there will be more to come soon.


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