There was a happily ever after…

A lot of this blog has been devoted to relationships. It didn’t start out that way… it just sort of happened. Through the ups and downs and sideways journeys that life had thrown at me since the beginning of this little writing adventure, I’ve come to realize something.  

There may not be the happily ever after this hopeless romantic had envisioned. I don’t now if it’s the realist or the pessimist in me coming out but I’ve recently started wondering if maybe it is just an idea we’ve all came to believe. You know… the idea of soul mates and perfect matches and blah, blah. 

Is there really such a thing? And are any of us really that special? Think about it for a moment. How are any of one of us walking this world special or unique? I mean sure… our parents believe we are the most magical creatures that ever existed but aside from our parents, whom can we say had genuinely proven we are so different from anyone else? 

There are moments in relationships where even I had believed someone loved me as if I were special but ultimately even they end up treating me the same as everyone else once enough time had passed.  Is it that I am to broken to be able to find a special connection with friends and/or lovers? Or is it that I’ve finally realized that the true love they depict in the stories we read and watch are just stories?
Are we all so brainwashed into thinking we are special to anyone (but our parents) that we can’t see the real truth? Maybe there’s been too much that’s happened in this girls life to be able to benjoy anything but a pessimist when it comes to matters of the heart. Or maybe there are genuinely special connections and I haven’t been fortunate to encounter one yet. I guess only time will tell.

Until then… it’s food for thought.  

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